Friday, November 23, 2012

Training: Nov 12th - 18th

Monday: 4.0 @ 6:30
It was cold and rainy so I opted for the treadmill for the first time in months. It didn’t suck as bad as I expected. I was going to run for an hour, but the stupid thing went into “cool down mode” automatically at 25 minutes (or something like that). Knocked my rhythm enough that I just winded it down.

Tuesday: 5.5 @ 7:27
54321 track workout with NRC. 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off, 4 minutes on, 4 minutes off…

I didn’t really measure distances, but I think this was faster than when I ran the same workout in August.

Wednesday: 5.0 @ 8:08
Morning run with East Nasty. Kept it nice and easy.

Thursday: off

Friday: 3.6 @ 7:01

Saturday: 19.5 @ 7:29
This was a 10 mile warmup (a little short) at 8:30 and then 10 miles at marathon pace (6:45 - 6:50) with Kevin and Courtney at the Viva La Diva. It was a lot of fun.

The MP miles were: 6:52, 6:44, 6:40, 6:42, 6:37, 6:47, 6:40, 6:43, 6:32,  6:23

Sunday: off

Weekly summary:  37.6 miles
The mileage was too low, but I was coming off that half-marathon last week and I had two solid workouts this week with the track workout and the 10/10 long run. It was fun to chase the bikes during a race for the second week in a row (especially since we ran a 10 mile warmup before the race). 

This marathon cycle has been what it has been. I wish there was more mileage and more consistency, but I am pleased with the results that I am getting in the races so far. One more 5k on Thanksgiving and then I start to taper. Hopefully I can run the 5k in under 18 minutes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Training: Nov 5th - 11th

Monday: 4.3 @ 8:10, 3.7 @ 8:03
Morning run around the standard downtown loop. Evening run with the NRC half training group. 

Tuesday: off
It was cold and raining. I didn’t have the balls to run circles on the track.

Wednesday: 4.6 @ 7:53, 6.2 @ 7:02
Morning and evening run with East Nasty. The evening run was faster and longer than the morning.

Thursday: off
My right foot was sore. 

Friday: off
Right foot still store. 

Saturday: 13.1 @ 1:22:14
1st place!!! Race report coming later.

Sunday: off

Weekly summary: 31.9 miles
It was a light week, but it includes a half-marathon with an 8 minute PR. I will run more miles next week. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Training: Oct 29th - Nov 4th

Monday: 4.4 @ 8:22
Standard morning loop. Didn’t double.

Tuesday: 5.0 @ 7:44
10 x 400m with NRC. 100m recoveries (50m jog, 50m walk).

The pacing wasn’t bad (1:19, 1:18, 1:18, 1:20, 1:16, 1:18, 1:19, 1:15, 1:16, 1:09). This is a definite improvement from when I ran this same workout in late July (1:22, 1:28, 1:30, 1:26, 1:23, 1:22, 1:23, 1:17, 1:12)

Wednesday: 5.0 @ 6:50
The morning run with East Nasty. Ran by myself. This felt harder than I think it should. I am classifying it as a tempo run from the effort, but I think this is actually my marathon pace. Then again, maybe I am being unrealistic?

Thursday: 5.0 @ 7:10
I need to be more disciplined. What was the purpose of this workout? Too fast to be easy, to slow to be hard.

Friday: 10.0 @ 7:26
Nice easy run in the evening. I wanted to hit 50 miles again this week and felt the only way that was going to work was if I ran 10 on Friday. Stayed much more disciplined about my pace and really rant mid 7:30s until the last mile.

Saturday: day off
I didn’t plan to take the day off, but it didn’t bother me either.

Sunday: 20.0 @ 6:52
This workout was AWESOME! I really feel ready to tackle a sub-3 hour marathon at Rocket City after completing this one. The goal of the workout was to run 40 minutes at marathon pace on tired legs. In order to do that, the first part of the workout is long intervals:

  • warmup
  • 20 min @ MP (3.0 @ 6:42)
  • 2 x 10 min @ Tempo (1.7 @ 6:05, 1.7 @ 6:05)
  • 15 min easy
  • 2 x 10 min @ Tempo (1.7 @ 6:04, 1.6 @ 6:07)
  • 40 min @ MP (6.0 @ 6:37)
  • cool down

My target paces were 6:45 for MP and 6:08-6:12 for Tempo. I was able to beat both of those paces and finished very strong. There were multiple times I wanted to quit and the outside of my right mid-foot was in pain at the start of the final MP interval, BUT I got it done :)

Really glad to have this one in the books.

Weekly overview: 49.6
6 workouts. 2 hard days, a couple of weird days, a good mid-week medium run, and an easy day. Both hard workouts were big improvements from the last time I ran them.

Next week: the Hard Rock Half-Marathon.
The following week: Viva La Diva 10 miler (planning a 20 mile workout with a 10 mile warmup and running the race at MP or better). 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Training: Oct 22nd - 28th

Monday: 4.6 @ 8:28, 4.8 @ 8:04
The morning run was a nice easy recovery effort with the morning group. In the afternoon I ran with the NRC group, but started late. Ran a 5:47 and a 6:42 to catch up and then cruised in with a friend.

I started late because I met with the PT at NRC. He suggested that my various issues are a result of atrophied stabilization muscles in my right leg/foot from wearing the boot for 6 weeks earlier in the year. He gave me some exercises (which I have not yet gotten in the routine of doing).

Tuesday: 4.8 @ 7:10
Workout was 5x 300m with step down recovery (3:00, 2:30, 2:00, 1:30). The work bouts were at 5:22 - 5:36 pace. It was supposed to be 5k pace, but that would put me at 17 flat. Not sure I am there yet, but it would be nice.

I felt like I was fading pretty bad, but it looks like it wasn’t that bad and the finish was pretty strong. My right foot was pretty sore and didn’t really warm up until the 3rd interval. I should have done longer for warm up and cool down.

Scott suggested I start doing weekly hill repeats so that I can get my knees higher and lengthen my stride. My turn-over is already pretty decent.

Wednesday: 6.2 @ 6:52
Fun but quick run with East Nasty. The pace was probably a little quick, but we were talking the whole time, so it couldn’t have been too bad.

Thursday: 4.0 @ 7:34
Ran down to the pedestrian bridge and did 4x hill repeats. The sprints were 0:44 - 0:48. The “warm up” was around half-marathon pace. I need to be more disciplined about paces and run fast when it is beneficial. 

Friday: 4.37 @ 8:17
Easy morning run from NRC with Mark and Matt.

Saturday: 17.4 @ 7:22
This was a great run. I ran 7.5 solo miles and then met up with the group for 10. Took one Gu and a couple of sips of water at 7.5, but otherwise was without nutrition or fluids. 5.5 total miles under marathon pace. Mile 17 was 5:59 and felt awesome. 

This run really drained me later in the day and felt rough at times, but the fast finish makes me feel pretty strong.

Sunday: 3.2 @ 7:48
Ran the dirt trails in Shelby. Was a little more sore than I expected. Planned to run a little further, but the route I planned ended up being shorter than expected. Glad I got out and made it a full 7-day week (with 8 runs).

Weekly overview: 49.3 miles
This was a good week. I had three solid workouts and ran every day. If I can keep this up until I taper, I think the sub-3 goal is completely reasonable. The challenge is going to be training through the next 3 races.

On November 10th I am racing the Nashville Hard Rock Half-Marathon with a goal of getting as close to 1:20:00 as possible. The following Saturday I am running Viva La Diva 10 mile race to support the YWCA. I may approach that one as a marathon pace training run and do the 10 mile loop prior to the race and then run steady 6:45s for the race itself. It would be a tough workout.

Also, I am going to race a Turkey Trot in California while we are visiting Erica’s family for Thanksgiving. I am going to try and go sub 17, but that may not be realistic (it would be awesome to go for a mid-18 PR to a sub-17).

I want to keep up 50-ish mile weeks even though I have 3 races in 14 days (and a two travel days in November). I should hit 180 miles for October. Maybe I can hit 200 for November.

The races (particularly the half-marathon) should also give me a good idea of what I can expect for the marathon. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Training: Oct 15th - 21st

Last week was limited by my IT band. Hoping this week is better. Continued taking naproxen through Monday. Lots of stretching.

Monday: 4.0 @ 7:14, 4.0 @ 8:24
AM: Took Charley (my dog) to Shelby Bottoms for a late morning run. He pulled the pace at the beginning, I had to pull him towards the end. Ran a little faster to try and relieve the IT Band pain.

PM: East run with the NRC half-marathon training group. Stayed with the lead group. IT Band was sore, but not too bad.

Tuesday: 5.6 @ 7:18
Felt good to be back on the track with NRC!

The workout was 1600m at 5k pace followed by 10 x 200m faster than 5k with training pace 200m recoveries.  Ran the first mile in 5:34 and the 200m were 0:40, 0:40, 0:37, 0:38, 0:38, 0:37, 0:38, 0:36, 0:33, 0:36. This was substantially faster than when I ran the same workout in July. Rep 9 was fast because Scott told me it was the last one, then I realized I had one more.

This was a virtually pain-free workout (at least IT band).

Wednesday: 4.2 @ 8:28
Easy recovery run. Was going to run the Easy Nasty weekly route prior to the morning run, but was having pain and stopped before completing it and then skipped the regular morning run. The pain was in the top of the arch on my left foot. No idea what that was about.

Thursday: 9.0 @ 7:04
3 miles easy (7:43, 7:26, 7:22) followed by 4 miles progressive tempo (6:53, 6:37, 6:28, 6:10) with 2 miles cool down (7:40, 7:19). I loved how easy the easy miles felt, but I was hoping the 6:01 was closer to a 5:40. I wasn’t looking at my watch, so I didn’t know how hard I was pushing it. May have been closer to 10 miles total, but I had to delete the extra (watch was running on the drive home).

I think I might be able to race the upcoming half-marathon in the New Balance minimus. I am going to do some more long-ish runs in them to feel it out. Not sure what the pace will be yet. Might need to do some mile repeats.

Friday: 5.05 @ 6:53
Meant to run this at an easy pace. I need to be more disciplined about taking the easy days easy. Yes, marathon pace should feel easy on race day, but running all my runs at or near MP is probably not a good idea. 

Saturday: off
Didn’t really mean to take the day off, but it didn’t bother me either. 

Sunday: 18 @ 7:30
From Centennial Park to PWP, around the 5.8 and back. Great run. Averaged sub-8 on the 5.8 and finished strong. Wanted to go for another 2 miles cooldown, but no one was in agreement so I ditched it. Was planning on about a 7:30 pace and nailed it.

Weekly overview: 49.7 miles
This was a great week. I would have liked the mileage to be a little bit higher, but had a solid track workout (with a 5:34 mile), a great tempo run, and a solid (hilly and quick) long run (the longest one since this onslaught of minor injuries).

Time to stay healthy and keep progressing. It is a balance. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Training: Oct 8th - 14th

Time to get serious.

Just as soon as I get healthy.

Monday: 4.9 @ 7:08
I went to run in the morning, but Alexis and Amanda weren’t there. It was cold and rainy (aka the worst weather in the world), so I punted and went back home. I still felt tight so I went to an 8:30am yoga class at the Y.

Went for approx 5 mile run with the NRC half-marathon training group. IT Band hurt badly at the end, but I got through the run. Ran quicker than I should.

Tuesday: 0.1 @ 10:45
Talk about a failed workout! Couldn’t make it around the track once. At least I went to the track and stayed in the habit.

Wednesday: 5.2 @ 8:26
Morning East Nasty run to Musica and back. IT band hurt and the pain didn’t go away. After a while it started to radiate up through my hip. I stopped short and walked home, but at least I was able to go 5.1 further than the day before :) 

Thursday: 0.9 @ 8:10
Tried to make up for the missed track workout on Tuesday. I was able to make it around the track a few times. Started to do a quick interval and had to quit. 

Friday: 0
Took a rest day to try and get over the IT band issue. Started some stretching.

Saturday: 5.8 @ 7:33
IT band was still hurting. I got some miles in though. Pace was decent/ 

Sunday: 13.7 @ 7:24
Longish run with a good group. IT band had some soreness, but was able to run through it. Also took a couple of Gu on the run which went really well. I am going to keep taking Gu on long runs. 

Weekly overview: 30.6 miles
Still dealing with the IT band, but starting to feel like I can run through it. Focusing on taking naproxen and stretching.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Training: October 1st - 7th

Ok, it is time to get serious. I need serious mileage and I need serious speed. Shelby Bottoms Boogie was good in that the equivalent marathon time is 2:59, but it was bad because I died at the end. I need more stamina and endurance. The answer is more miles. Lots more.

Monday: off
It was raining and dark. I should have HTFU, but I didn’t. Not off to a good start.

Tuesday: 4.95 @ 7:10
Back to the track for NRC speed sessions. The workout this week was two sets of 600, 400, 300, 200, 100. The recovery after the first two intervals was 400 and there was a 200 recovery after the others (including before the second 600).

Set 1: 2:09, 1:22, 0:56, 0:42, 0:23
Set 2: 2:00, 1:17, 0:57, 0:40, 0:17

I think I need to push harder on the track, but I was scared of my achilles.

Wednesday: 3.6 @ 8:11, 5.5 @ 6:47
East Nasty double. 3.6 at the 6am was nice and easy with the group. 5.5 in the afternoon was faster and included the extra 2. We kept a conversation going the whole time in the evening run, but I don’t think I could have run faster and still participated in the talking.

Thursday & Friday: off

Saturday: 9.03 @ 7:04
Weird run. I was planning to run the Music City half course 30 minutes before the race and not let the winner catch me. The only problem was that the race was Sunday and not Saturday. Ran into Amanda in Shelby Bottoms and ran with her for a mile. Then I ran into Shakka and ran with him for 2-3 miles. It was nice to have some company and just run around, but I need to do a better job of planning the workout in advance.

Sunday: 14 @ 7:40
I wanted to go 20, but didn’t. Was planning on 14 with Mark and Scott @ 8:30, but we ran almost a minute faster than that. I was then going to run 6 more faster miles, but didn’t feel up to it.

Weekly overview: 37.4 miles
I have to get back to basics and start running more miles, longer runs, and more progressive paced runs.  I can still hit sub-3 at Rocket City, but I have to get on the ball and stay injury free. It is good to have track workouts back, but I need to do a LONG run every week.

I went through and planned out the next 9 weeks. I will do a 20+ each weekend for the next 4 weeks, then race a half and a 10 miler the next two weekends. One last 20+ before a 2 week taper. As long as I don’t get injured, I should be solidly in sub-3 shape by then. If I can get to consistent 50+ mile weeks I think I have serious room for improvement. 

I can’t get there if I keep running 37 mile weeks though.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Race Report: Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15k

In the home stretch (what is going on with my arms?!?)

Distance: 15k
Goal: under 1 hour, top 10 finish
Time: 59:16
Placement: 7th overall, 2nd 35-39

I wanted to run this more aggressively than I typically run races; I wanted to race.

I lined up in the second row of a pretty small field (250-ish runners). My plan was to go out at 6:22 pace and then pick it up if I could. However, the caveat was that I wanted to be more aggressive, so if there was a pack I was going to stay with it. If someone surged, I would follow. Hunter Hall and Scott Bennett were definitely going to be faster than me, but I wasn’t sure about the rest of the guys. Based on previous years there would be around 5-10 guys under 1 hour.

When the gun went off I found myself running fast for the first time in at least a month. It was hard to find the right pace and when I looked at my Garmin it was showing 5:56. I could run that for a 5k, but probably not a 15k so I needed to slow down. I went through mile 1 in 5th place at 6:03 and started to back off.

Around 1.5 miles I heard footsteps. I expected to be caught since I went out too fast. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a girl closing in on me. I will admit, that wasn’t part of the plan. I hear more footsteps and then there is a guy pulling up on my left. I figured I could settle in with this pack. Mile 2 was 6:22.

One of the guys in the pack decided to push the pace around mile 2. My goal was to be aggressive and follow surges, so I didn’t give up a single step. It sounded like we started to put a little distance on the rest of the small pack that was with us. We went through miles 3 and 4 in 6:10 and 6:14. At mile 4 Hunter and Scott ran by the other direction after having hit the turnaround. There were a couple of other guys and I was still in 5th. We hit the turn at about mile 4.25.

Just after the turn, they guy I was running with fell back and a new guy pulled up. Turns out it was Wade Oliver who I have seen around, but don’t think we have met before. I don’t know if he was with us the whole time or if he caught us just around the turn. What I do know is that he started to push the pace. Again, my strategy was to be aggressive so I didn’t give up a step. We went through mile 5 in 6:10.

(Remember that girl on my heels at mile 2? Yeah, I was seeing things.)

There was no way I was going to be able to keep that pace. I started trying to think of ways to slow the pace so that I could try to out kick him at the end. We went through mile 6 in 6:16. Unfortunately my plan to slow the pace wasn’t working and Wade had other ideas; he suggested we go catch the guy in front of us. My plan was to be aggressive so I said OK and we went.

That wasn’t going to work.

Before we hit mile 7 I had a couple of dry heaves. It was time to slow down so I dropped off and went through mile 7 in 6:31 and was in 6th place. I tried to keep it close, but it was definitely hurting. I got caught by another guy and went through mile 8 in 6:36 and 7th place. At this point I started to do some math and switched my Garmin to the total elapsed time screen. My pace slowed to 6:50 and I was going to need to keep it under 7 minutes in order to finish under an hour.

Before the race I had told Erica (my wife) that I was going to be grumpy for the rest of the day if I didn’t finish under an hour. I also knew that she was going to be at the finish line. She wasn’t exactly going to be happy to see me once the clock ticked past 60:00. There was no chance I was going to improve my placement in the field, but it was time to dig deep. I went through mile 9 in 6:34 and then hit the final 0.3 in 6:22 pace.

When I saw the clock it was just clicking over to 59:00. I coasted in at 59:16 for 7th overall and 2nd in my 35-39 age group.

I feel like I could have run faster two weeks ago, but I hit my goals and took home another award. All-in-all it was a good race. There is still lots of work to do before the Rocket City Marathon in December, but if I do the work a sub-3 should be possible.

Next up: I Run for the Party’s Nashville Half-Marathon - November 10th, 2012

Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15k. Photo credit: Nisa Patel 

Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15k. Photo credit: Nisa Patel 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 10 - 16

Monday: 8.1 @ 7:55
Ran 2.8 prior to meeting up with the group for the downtown loop. Ran another 1.5 after to get across 8 for the day.

Tuesday: 5.1 @ 8:26
Ran 4x400m with equal time rests, aka Yasso 800s. The goal was to run them in 2:50, ended up being a little faster at 2:51, 2:43, 2:47, 2:43. Next week starts the next round of NRC speed sessions which will go through mid-November. I am going to try to get a couple of more Yasso workouts in and then shoot for 10 @ 2:50 sometime before Rocket City. I could have done 1-2 more except that I was mentally weak.

Wednesday: 4.2 @ 8:06, 5.9 @ 7:06
East Nasty double. Stayed with the group for the AM run until we got to the Shelby hill and then I pushed the pace for fun (6:00 - 6:30 pace up the hill). The evening run was supposed to be easy as well (I even ran with Charley), but I ended up dropping the dog at the house halfway through and pushing the pace some more. Went for the extra 2 afterwards to hit 10 for the day. Wasn’t really a workout and wasn’t really an easy day. I need to be more intentional than this.

Thursday: 5.9 @ 8:30
Hit the dirt trails at Shelby. Kept it nice and easy. Trying to make myself run a little slower since this will be my highest mileage week yet. If all goes well and I feel strong, maybe I will push the pace at the end of the Striders 21 miler this weekend.

Friday: 6.6 @ 7:53
Morning run with NRC. Ran a couple of miles before hand. Hit my short term goal of being over 100 miles in the first 2 weeks of September. Next goal: complete 21 on Sunday. 

Saturday: intentional rest day
I really wanted to go for a run.

Sunday: 11.1 @ 7:24
This was supposed to be a 21 miler with the Striders. Everything was going great and then at mile 10 my achilles started hurting really bad. I stopped at the water stop at 11 miles and hitched a ride back to the start. I am trying to be overly cautious, but it is very scary. I can’t think of anything I did differently and the pain came on rather suddenly (over the course of a quarter mile).

Week Summary: 46.8 miles
A great week except for Sunday. I am worried that this could be a problem. I want to rest it, but I also want to train. I definitely don’t want to make it worse. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Registered for Rocket City

I have registered for the Rocket City Marathon and booked my hotel room.  It sounds like there are a lot of people from Nashville running the race too. I am hoping it is a fun weekend for Erica and I.

So far my base training has been going well. It is time to get serious now though :)

Tomorrow I am going to go run some Yasso 800s. The problem is that to do Yassos you kind of need to have a goal pace in mind. For now I am going with 2:40 - 2:50. We will see how it goes tomorrow though. I will consider the workout a success if I can knock out 5 or 6. Then I will hit a tempo run on Thursday and a 21 miler this weekend.

Next week we will be starting the next round of NRC’s RunFast speed sessions. I think I like the schedule of: speed on Tuesday, tempo on Thursday, long on Saturday or Sunday (alternating longer with shorter and faster), with easy days on M, W, F and possibly the other weekend day.

Short term goal: 100 miles for September by Friday the 14th. (Currently at 74.9)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 3 - 9

Monday (Labor Day): Took the day off.
Hey, I ran 30 miles the previous two days and it was a holiday. 

Tuesday: 8.7 @ 7:06
Ran to Bongo and back from my house. The backs of my thighs were a little sore, but my IT Band and Achilles were fine. I think the soreness comes from doing Nikole’s class followed by 30 miles over the weekend. Got a little speedy when I was trying to pass a guy who turned out to be a little quicker than I expected — passed him easily though :)

Wednesday: 7.7 @ 7:32
Did the downtown loop before running with East Nasty. Two days in a row with the new Newtons and no ITB pain. Did not get enough sleep the night before, so it was nice just to put the time in. Legs were feeling much better today.

Thursday: 0.0
Was planning on doing an hour on the dirt trails at Shelby Bottoms. There was a lot of rain the night before and I wussed out. Need to HTFU.

Friday: 2.3 @ 7:41
This was also supposed to be an hour long run. About a mile into it my left hamstring started hurting. After another mile the pain started moving into my left hip. It worried me that the pain was moving around, so I cut it short and walked home. I assume the pain was moving around because I was compensating by altering my form, but I am not sure.

Saturday: 18.0 @ 7:01
Ahhhh. A solid workout after a couple of crappy days. This was with Dan Ashmead’s group and we ran at Edwin Warner Park. The workout was a 1 mile warmup, 20 minutes at marathon pace, 10 minute tempo x2, 15 minutes easy, 10 minutes tempo x2, 40 minutes at MP (which I cut to 35 mins because my overall mileage was longer than I wanted), and ending with a mile cooldown.

I paced this inconsistently. This workout was a little too early in the cycle, but it was fun. I am going to set my goal for Huntsville at “sub-3” and that is it. I could probably get down to 2:50 if I really push it, but I would rather have a solid BQ and possibly join the sub-3 club than train to hard and end up injured or blowing up. All of that is to say, I should have paced the MP intervals at 6:45/mile instead of trying to 6:30 and then hitting on 6:58s at the end.

Sunday: 0.0
Erica was out of town and I have all the kids, so a run wasn’t in the cards.

Week total: 36.7
Not nearly as many miles as I wanted, but not a bad week (especially for 3 days off and one bombed day). I am wondering if I need to start planning to do an even/odd week schedule to compensate for the weeks when we have all the boys. If that is the case, this will be a high mileage week coming up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012
2nd in 35-39 at Tomato 5k. Thanks for the photo Jacob!

2nd in 35-39 at Tomato 5k. Thanks for the photo Jacob!

August 27 - September 2nd

Monday: 4.3 @ 8:29
Took it nice and easy on the downtown loop with no extra mileage.

Tuesday: 4.6 @ 7:08
Weird run. Mid-morning at Shelby Bottoms.  Sub-7:30 pace is starting to feel really easy.

Wednesday: 7.8 @ 7:29
Morning East Nasty run with 4 miles before. Ran by myself the whole time. Didn’t mean to, but found myself alone within the first block.

Thursday: 7.4 @ 8:11
Ran the dirt trails at Shelby Bottoms with Amanda. 30 minutes out, 30 minutes back. Not as far (fast) as when I ran this with Lee the week before, but a good run. I am loving this as part of my weekly routine. 

Took Nikole’s Circuit Blast class in the evening. Lots of strength exercises with a large emphasis on the legs (box jumps, squats, lunges, etc). Definitely felt this. Hoping I can keep the Thursday evening class in the routine semi-regularly.

Friday: Day off.
I didn’t plan to take the day off, but Nikole’s class wrecked my legs and I wanted the rest. Probably smart since I had a long run the next day.

Saturday: 20.1 miles! @ 7:47 pace
My first 20 miler (other than that failure of a marathon in 2011). Ran with the Nashville Striders, but I was by myself the entire way (though not always leading). The last 2 miles were miserable. I was making deals with myself for the last mile and my stomach felt like it was digesting itself. I even swore off marathoning as long as I qualify and run Boston first.

This basically tells me that I need to work on my endurance and mid-run nutrition. I feel really good about this workout. It wasn’t all that slow and it is very early in the marathon training to be knocking out a 20 miler. I should be able to do 6-7 more 20+ runs before my target race.

Sunday: 10.0 @ 8:13
Ran in the rain with Mark. He was doing a long run, so I just tagged along for the first part. Was a little faster than I expected and my legs were pretty beat up from the 20 miler the day before, but it felt great to get it done. 

Week total: 54 miles
This was a good week. My first 50+ week of this season. I don’t have a well-defined plan yet, so I am just focusing on building mileage and trying to keep it slowish for a while. After I get my body accustomed to more frequent runs and the higher mileage, then I will start to add in some speed again.

The plan for long runs is going to be to alternate 20+ one week and shorter but faster the next. The shorter runs will either be progression runs or end with x miles at HM or M pace. I am going to call my goal HM pace 6:00 and my goal M pace 6:30.  That may be stupid, but it fits my goals :) 

BTW, I completely stole this post format from Scott Weitecha. I love reading his weekly training updates and race reports.

Monday, September 3, 2012
Current line-up. From L-R: New Balance Minimus Road, Brooks Ghost 3 (rain shoes), Brooks Racer ST 5, Newton Terra Momentus (trail shoes), Newton Gravity 

Current line-up. From L-R: New Balance Minimus Road, Brooks Ghost 3 (rain shoes), Brooks Racer ST 5, Newton Terra Momentus (trail shoes), Newton Gravity